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 Jesus said: I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except thru me. (John 14:6)
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Matthew 28:16-20 ...Therefore GO and make disciples of all nations...
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  Just as God carried the Israelites on "eagles' wings" (Exodus 19:4), we continue to feel His love and protection as we bring the Gospel to the people of Belarus.  

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To all who support our children in Belarus:

I received this letter with a photo enclosed of me with this little 5 yr old girl in 2000. I had no idea who this was and could not identify the surroundings in this residence pictured. I sent her letter on to my translator and here is the translation.

This shows so much evidence of how we interact for God among these people and especially the children. Your child could have easily written such a letter.

Now we see here how she was adopted by loving parents and how the entire family relies on God. The lady mentioned in the 3rd paragraph is the one who invited them to attend our church. She is also the lady who adopted the 2 children who had been kept in cages and the one for whom we were able to buy a hearing aid.

God is working among His people. This is just partial evidence.

Thanks again for your continued support.

Serving for Christ,

Perry   <*}}}}><

The following letter was written 1-02-08


The enclosed picture was taken when I was little and attended church “Resurrection”. My birth mother’s name is SKORAIA (last name) NATASHA VALENTINOVNA. My name is SKORAIA AVHUSTINA. Now I am not the 5 year old as I was (when we met), but now I am already 12 years old. I live in the town of Krichev as an adopted child. My adopted mother’s name is TIUTIKA LYDIA VIKTOROVNA and adopted father’s name is ALEXANDER ANDREIEVICH. My adopted mother will be 50 years old on 2-11-08. My adopted father will be 54 years old on 6-18-08. My adopted parents have two of their own children: son-DENIS (27 years old) and daughter JULIA (22 years old). Denis has been married for 5 years and he and his wife have a son who is 5 years old. His name is DANAIL. He is very talented and outgoing and is also very funny. Julia was married on 11-03-07. Julia’s family lives in VITEBSK. Her husband’s name is RUSLAN and he works and studies in an institute. Julia is also studying in the institute in economic management in Roslov.

Mama Lydia also adopted a little girl from the orphanage who’s name is MARINA. She was then 6 years old and now is 16 years old. She is studying in VITEBSK at a college. She likes living in the town of Vitebsk, where Julia also lives. Marina is able to stay with Julia during her college breaks.

A friend of my birth mother (HMETKOVA NATALIA IVANOVNA) invited her to attend the church “Resurrection”. I showed my mother the photograph and she immediately recognized you and said that it is Perry!

I am doing very well at my studies in school. Our school does not have the 5 point rating, but 10. Up to the 6th grade I received 9-10 in all classes. Now I was transferred to another school and I received 4 in two of my classes: in math and in English studies, but my goal is to try and achieve only 9-10 to the end of my school years. I would like to attend an institute and study to be a doctor. I received 8 awards for my good grades and other achievements. I would like to study music and I play the BYAN (it’s like an accordian, but much more difficult-Val). I also play (I can’t figure this one out-Val), which my father brought from England. I like to sing and recite poetry. God brought me up (from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head) for which I am so thankful to Him. Our whole family believes in God and He is our ever present help. Without Him nothing would be possible. I write songs of praises to God. I really enjoy doing that!!! DENIS, in the praise group, helps me with this.

Dear Perry, would you be so kind as to please return to me the photograph so that I will have the memory of you. It was the only photo I had. Once again, I thank you sincerely that you at that time gave me gifts. I still remember that till now.

I Miss you,

Birthday: July 7, 1995.

Thanks for your prayers as we continue to work together in this mission.

May God bless you richly. Thank you for visiting with us!